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Today we are going to show you an App for the gender of the baby.

Are you pregnant and wondering if your baby is a boy or a girl? Some apps use the Chinese Calendar or formulas to help you predict. 

Those can be cool tools to play around with and entertain yourself till the baby comes, you can even use them in baby showers and family get-togethers.

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 It is also nice to use apps to keep track of your pregnancy and its progress.

Here it goes a couple of interesting/helpful apps:

Boy or Girl? Gender Predictor

This app to know if the baby is a boy or a girl costs U$2.99, once you have it, all you have to do is add the mom’s and dad’s date of birth + the date of the reproduction. 

It will give you some percentage predictions of the gender. 

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It may come out as 38% boy probability / 62% girl probability for example.

Baby Gender – Birth Gender Predictor Free 4+

This free app for the baby gender is very similar to the one above, the main difference is that it doesn’t cost you anything. 

It could be fun to play around and try to find out the gender, as you are excited for your baby to come. 

Chinese Calendar

This app for the baby gender is based on the Chinese calendar and it can help you figure out the gender of your child, all you have to do is add the date of your birth and choose what prediction you want. 

It also can predict important events in your life, calculate your Lunar and Gregorian dates. 

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Now that you’ve played around with some apps to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, you should check out this 5 stars rated app:

Free Pregnancy App | Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner 12+

This is a free app created by the book bestseller author of “Baby Chronicles, My Very Own Story”. 

In it, you get a tool to track your menstrual period, but not only that, it will help you if you are pregnant or also trying to be.

It is the book but in an app version, some of its features are keeping all the info in one place, such as appointments, baby weight, how you felt during that time, and lots more.

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Another feature of it is that it will allow you to print it in the end and have it on paper, so you can recall all the journey you went through while pregnant.

Having a baby is an exciting moment for many of us, and there are many technologies that we can use today to make our life easier. 

An app for the baby gender can be a fun tool to play around with, and the pregnancy tracker above or similar ones you can easily find will actually help improve your pregnancy. 

Just remember that none of them can substitute the help of a professional.