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Today we brought you a very cool app, we are going to show you some Apps to Watch Novel on mobile

Who doesn’t love watching the novel lying on the couch after a day at work?

Some people, especially young people, think that novel is already outdated, and that only older people.

But on the contrary, many people still really like to watch soap operas.

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And nowadays it is much easier for you to be able to watch the soap you like just with a click on your cell phone.

There is no longer that of only being able to watch soap operas through television, at a certain time.

Now you can watch multiple episodes at once and at any time. That’s why we’ve brought you the best apps to watch novel on mobile.

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On Globoplay you can watch the main telenovelas of Rede Globo in real time, but in addition you can also watch old telenovelas that have already aired on Rede Globo and that are no longer broadcast, for example “Caminho das Indias”.

Installing the app is completely free and the software allows you to watch some of the programming for free, just by registering.

However, it also has a subscription service, where the user has many more options to watch.

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SBT Vídeos

SBT recently created an app so that users can watch all of the station’s novel for free through the cell.

It is possible to watch from the most classic novel such as “Carrossel” and “Cumplices de um resgate”.

To more current novel such as “Tomorrow is forever”.

The advantage of this program is that you can watch all the content without paying anything, completely free. However, many  novel have an exhibition deadline, so from a specific date, they are removed and other novel arrive.

Its installation is completely free and is available for Android and IOS.


Playplus is the TV Record app that allows you to watch all the station’s programming on your computer and cell phone.

In addition, the user can also follow the main novel on display.

The app also offers the availability of the user to be able to choose the schedule in which state he wants to watch.

Like Globoplay, PlayPlus charges a monthly fee for the user to watch soap operas in streaming format. With the application you can watch soap operas like “the 10 commandments”.


Vix is ​​a platform for streaming videos and series completely free of charge and without the need to create a registration to use it.

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More than a thousand works are available to the user, national productions, cinema and television classics.

The app also has an extensive collection of Brazilian and Latin novel.

Although the app is completely free, it has some ads that are shown before, during and after the content, just like Youtube for example.

Novelas Play

With this app, you can watch your favorite novel. It offers a complete catalog of novels from all eras, and current novels as well.

Its biggest advantage is showing telenovelas from different countries, for example: Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela and Colombia.

The videos that are displayed by the app are from Youtube and Dailymotion.

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Which offers a very large collection with a variety of entire soap operas for the user to watch.

Although there are many streaming service options, a large part of the population hasn´t left the habit of watching novel aside, it is certainly part of many people’s lives.

Which app to watch  novel on your cell phone did you like the most?

Now you can follow your favorite novel wherever you are and at any time.

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All apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

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