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Everyone loves to watch soap operas right? but unfortunately not everyone can be in front of the television to watch their soap opera at the time of transmission.

With that in mind, today you will check out the best apps to watch free soap operas on your cell phone. Because it isn´t always that we have free time to watch the soap opera that is on television.


Vix is ​​a completely free app that offers a very extensive catalog of series and movies.

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This platform has many Latin soap operas and the user can use their registration on their cell phone, but they can also log in on another device, if the cell phone runs out of battery, for example.

The app observes the most frequent searches and indicates soap operas and series that you will probably like.

This makes it easier for the user to find the best and most popular soap operas of the moment. So, when the user finishes a soap opera, he can already see another indication of the app.

Globo Play

Globo Play is certainly one of the most popular apps when it comes to streaming movies, series and soap operas.

The differential of Globo Play is that the user has the option to download the content of interest, movie, soap opera, sport.

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The downloaded episodes consumes the phone’s memory a little, but luckily it takes up little storage space.

After the user downloads the content, he can watch his favorite soap opera offline, without spending internet.

The app is available for all Android and IOS devices

To access the Globo Play soap opera catalog, you need to: Download it from your app gallery; With the app open, click on the button labeled “Explore”; Go to the window that says “Novels”; choose the soap opera you like the most and select the first episode to watch.


The TV SBT app has access to the oldest soap operas, children’s soap operas, and that were and still are very successful.

The user has the possibility to watch the soap operas live through the cell phone and also download them.

The app also offers the option of placing the soap operas in “Favorites” to make access easier, and to be able to find the content faster.

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Up Novelas completas HD

Up Novelas Completas HD offers a catalog with several Mexican telenovelas and has the language in Spanish, being able to watch without interruptions in excellent HD quality, with romance updated daily.

Its installation is completely free, getting easy access design with fast loading episodes.

The app is available for Android devices.

G1 Novelas

G1 Novelas contains a large catalog with Brazilian and Mexican telenovelas.

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The app offers series, television programs, and documentaries, so the user can access the content that is most interested.

To follow the content, you don’t need to register, just download the app and follow the best soap operas.

So, now that you know some applications presented in the text above.

You can now start following your favorite soap operas and miss watching the old soap operas reliving a very pleasant moment with the greatest hits.

All apps are available for download via Play Store and App Store.