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Have you ever thought about being able to watch your favorite movies anywhere and anytime? With that in mind, we’ve separated the best apps to download and watch movies.

Many people nowadays prefer to download their favorite movies to be able to watch them at another time, and without internet.

There are currently several applications that allow this to happen in a very simple way. Check out some apps to download and watch movies below.


Netflix is ​​certainly one of the best apps to watch movies and series, one of the best known in the world. Streaming allows you to download the movie to watch when you are not connected to the internet.

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For that, you need to select the movie or series you want to watch and download the episode.

Not all movies are available for download, but netflix is ​​already increasing this support.

The application is available for Android and IOS, and its installation is completely free, although you need to sign an account to access the platform.

Google Play Movies

Google play Movies is a very good app for downloading movies, many movies are available for purchase, rent, or download for free

Usually Google sends you messages in email letting you know when there are free movies. The program sometimes offers discount coupons to buy your favorite movies.

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The app is available for all Android and IOS devices, and is completely free.

ByClick Downloader

This program is used to download movies with high quality, Byclick Downloader is a simple and effective program.

The program also allows you to download only the audio of the video in MP3 format, ideal for those who want to have a repertoire of music on their device.

In addition to Youtube, the software also allows accessing movies published on Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, among many others.


Crackle is a program very similar to Netflix, the difference is that Crackle has more free content. The app contains original productions as well as classic movies and series.

The usage is very simple, and easy to use, it contains some ads that appear from time to time.

For now, the app doesn’t have an offline version, but it remains one of the best apps to watch movies for free.

The app is available for Android and IOS.

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aTorrent is one of the simplest applications to use when downloading movies.

It has very basic features so that no user has any difficulty when downloading their favorite movie.

Its installation is free but you also have the option of a paid version that does not contain ads.


YouTube is currently the platform that covers all content on the internet. Fortunately, it is also possible to find many movies there.

The platform contains older free-to-use movies, free movies and movies that can be purchased through Globo Play.

The app’s differential is that if it finds a movie in English, it has the option to add subtitles to the movies.

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Another advantage of the app is that you can stream your videos directly from your device to your TV. Improving your experience when watching your favorite movie.


Vudu is an excellent choice among apps for downloading movies. The user has the option to buy, rent or purchase free movies that are available in their library.

The user can download the movie so that they can watch it offline at any time. The app doesn´t charge a monthly fee and its installation is completely free.

The program is available for Android devices.

These were some very important apps to help you in choosing to download and watch movies. Which app did you find most interesting? All apps are available on the App Store and Play Store