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Have you ever wanted App to watch movies and series that just came out but don’t know where to watch it?

You can watch movies and series for free, for that there are apps that offer streaming to watch movies online from your cell phone without paying anything.

That’s why we’ve put together the best apps to watch free movies and series on your cell phone, so you can watch them without having to leave your home.


VIX is a streaming service that has movies, series and programs, and the app also has original content from the platform.

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All are divided into categories to make it easier to find.

The app doesn’t offer features to insert subtitles or dubbing, so its language is the one defined in the settings.

The platform is completely free, and is only available for Android devices.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a platform that contains live TV channels, movies and series.

The application works just like on television, it has a continuous schedule, with a beginning and an end.

There are content such as feature films, entertainment programs, anime and cartoons.

The app is free and on its streaming service, the user can watch famous movies such as The Expendables.

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This app is only available for Android.

App to watch movies and series:


You may already have this app on your phone, but did you know that Youtube has its own catalog of free series and movies?

YouTube Originals are original productions on the platform that are very successful.

Previously, only users who subscribed to YouTube Premium had access to the content.

But since the end of 2019, the service has made some products available to everyone, but with advertising.

The application is free and contains a paid version as well, it is available for Android and IOS.


Plex works as a free streaming service. The platform brings together films, documentaries and programs of different styles.

The Application allows you to mirror multimedia contents from mobile devices on smart TVs.

It contains several options, for example: action, drama, comedy and much more.

The program offers the option to insert subtitles, It is completely free and available for Android devices.

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Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is the free video streaming service from the energy drink brand Red Bull.

The platform, in addition to broadcasting live events, also brings together films, series and documentaries.

The tool allows you to edit subtitles and audio, change the quality and download the movie to watch offline.

The app’s differential is its 360° videos, just move the device to view different points.

The app is available for Android and its installation is completely free.

TV Tubi

Tubi TV has a catalog of free movies, separated by genre, such as horror, comedy, and romance.

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The movies are of high quality and the movie player runs smoothly. All movies have subtitles available.

When the user logs in, the app gives the option to add movies to their queue, so you can access the movies on any device. App to watch movies and series

Installation is completely free and available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox and PlayStation.

Now you can watch free movies and series on your cell phone with just one touch, which app is more viable and useful for you?

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