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With the advancement of technology, the online truck auction is increasingly common in people’s daily lives. With this also appeared several scams on the internet.

People are opting for the online auction, for practicality, you can participate in the auctions with just one click on your cell phone, being able to auction your truck, and also look for a truck to buy.

With that, we’re here to help you find heavy truck auction sites with warranty qualified inventory and give you some safety tips!

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Many people are falling for scams from fake websites, where prices and discounts are promised.

These sites are taken down every day but unfortunately they always manage to come back and claim more victims.

Some tips for doing well in truck auctions

Before bidding on any auction site on the internet, you should be aware of some details that can help you. Stay tuned in the auction notice, this document offers the auction rules.

If you see an auction of trucks or other vehicles with a very low price, be suspicious immediately. Auction prices can be quite attractive, but far below the standard, it can be a scam.

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Sodré Santoro Leilões

This company is one of the best options for you to acquire your vehicle at auction. It has been working for more than 40 years, being the largest auctioneer in South America.

The company has a very large infrastructure, auctioning more than 3,000 automobiles per month.

Sodré Santoro was one of the first companies to organize an online auction, so many people who have already purchased auction trucks know this company and recommend it.

Kronberg Leilões

Auctions held by this company have been held for over 20 years.

The company was created with all of its online and physical auction accomplishments in mind, in addition to having very large yards for vehicle storage.

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Kronberg Auctions has its own technology and with security, it is one of the best trusted truck auction sites.

Ritchie Bros

Ritchie Bros. is a one-stop shop for everything your truck and equipment business needs to succeed – buy and sell solutions, market and valuation insights, global buyer demand, and fleet management tools.

The site offers a mobile software tool that allows you to track assets with real-time market valuations, obtain inspection and appraisal services and truck inventory for multiple disposition channels with a simple click.

One of Ritchie Bros’ tools is Price Results which gives you accurate historical results of billions of dollars in transactions across multiple global sales channels.

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It is reliable and audited data from a publicly traded company.

These are the most trusted sites for Heavy Truck Auctions with Qualified Inventory in Warranty and the best tips for you to get rid of scams.

Don’t waste your money doing bad trades, always do research with lots of information.

What did you think of the auction tips and sites? Which one did you like best? Have you ever participated in an auction? Tell us in the comments.