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Have you ever needed to measure something or someone and had no tape measure in your bag? Surely something has already happened. Can you imagine being able to measure anything anywhere you are with just a tap on your cell phone?

The cell phone can be your ally in these moments, that’s why we’ve separated the best tape measure apps for your cell phone so you don’t have a headache anymore when you need to measure an object.

Measure (Android)

Measure is a measurement app created by Google that offers the option to use the camera for the calculation, in addition to including a button for capturing photos.

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After tapping each saved measure, the app displays the values ​​in different metrics and includes shortcuts to save and share.

The app is available for Android and its use is completely free.

Measure (IOS)

The Measure application follows the same operation as Measure on android, bringing the results according to the use of the camera to identify surfaces.

The program offers the possibility to use guides and more rulers at the same time. In addition, it provides a leveling tool, which helps to regulate and level objects and surfaces.

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The platform is available for IOS devices and is 100% free.

Prime Ruler

Prime Ruler has several options for taking measurements. It has the augmented reality feature and also includes a 2D ruler using the length of the device for faster calculations.

The application Offers options for calculating surface area and volume. The program is completely free but contains some ads that can interfere with the experience.


Magicplan is the perfect app for engineers and architects. He uses the camera to measure by augmented reality, he can quickly determine the dimensions of a plant or environment.

The app offers features for creating reports, PDF files and 3D models. It is completely free and available for Android and IOS.

AR Plan 3D Ruler

This app has very good accuracy and uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology. It is a very easy to use program and works well for taking measurements of objects.

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The app stands out for its interface, as it is very “clean” and easy to understand and visualize. It is available for Android and IOS and its installation is completely free.

Distance Meter

The distance meter is a basic app to have at hand. Despite not being very accurate, it is a great help in everyday life when you need to measure an object vertically or horizontally if you don’t have a ruler nearby.

The application is only available for Android, and is 100% free.


 Cam To Plan, allows you to make measurements of all kinds using Google’s ARCore technology.

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It uses the cell phone camera to measure the height, width and depth of rooms, objects and swimming pools, for example.

The app is available for Android and IOS, it has a free version but with many ads that interfere with the experience, the program also has its paid version.

These were some tape measure apps for your cell phone to help you in everyday life. Now you no longer have to carry a ruler in your bag. What did you think of the apps? Which one did you like best?

All these apps are available on the Play Store and App Store