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Music matches everything and at all times. And nothing better than being able to listen to your favorite music wherever you are.

That’s why we’ve separated the best apps to download free music on your phone.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a simple and very diverse application, it allows you to create, customize and download your playlists very easily.

The app stands out for its connectivity with other Amazon devices and the possibility of using its virtual assistant, Alexa, on any mobile device.

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The app is available for Android and IOS and is free, with some purchase options within the program.


Audiomack is perfect for anyone looking for new stuff. The Application allows various artists to have a greater reach by uploading their music.

In this app you can meet many new artists and download songs to listen offline to your library.

The application is available for Android and IOS, and its installation is free, containing some purchases within the program.


Deezer is a music and podcast platform that has become increasingly popular in Brazil.

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The app allows you to easily download music and podcasts for offline listening via your library.

Its biggest highlight is certainly its algorithm, as those who enjoy music with Deezer can take advantage of the “Flow” mode to make several discoveries.

The platform is available for Android and IOS, its installation is 100% free.


Developed by Spicy Sparks, the app’s interface is somewhat reminiscent of Spotify. It stands out for its lighter and minimalist proposal.

Its biggest difference lies in the advantages of its free plan (with the presence of ads and advertising). That’s because when you save songs in “library” they are automatically downloaded and available offline in the app.

The app is available for Android and IOS, its installation is free, and the app includes some paid features.


Evermusic is the essential application for those who have a lot of music saved in their cell phone files. The application was developed for iOS in order to be a simple and functional music player.

With this app, you can listen to music online (in the cloud) and also music offline (in storage). Furthermore, it is also very connective allowing you to sync music from your iPad and iPod.

The app is completely free and is only available for IOS.

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Resso is a music streaming application that slightly mixes the concept of social network algorithm with music consumption

In the app, you can find a little bit of everything, from the most played songs on social networks to radio classics.

The app is similar in style to SoundCloud, but also similar to TikTok. It is 100% free, with some paid options as well.


Spotfy is without a doubt the most popular music platform in the world. In your app, you can download albums, tracks, playlists and also podcasts to listen offline whenever you want.

You can configure the download quality of tracks to enjoy your favorite music in the highest quality wherever you are.

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The app is available for Android and IOS, its installation is completely free, and within the app there are some paid options.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is an application that manages to combine music and video in a single experience. It is a great alternative for those who usually listen to music through YouTube.

You can enjoy all playlists created on both platforms as they share the same algorithm.

The app is available for Android and IOS and its installation is 100% free.

These were some of the best apps to download free music on your phone. With all these tips, you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere. Which app did you like the most?

All apps are available on the App Store and Play Store