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We know that for those who always need to control their blood sugar level, it isn’t even comfortable to stick your finger to know your blood sugar level, right?

In this sense, it is essential that people who have any type of problem with glucose are monitored to know if the individual’s health is good or not.

So, stay here until the end of this reading and learn about the best apps that help people who may have high blood glucose to measure glucose by cell phone.

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Frestyle Librelink

The first application is Frestyle Librelink, it is completely free (available on Android and iOS systems) and has the function of measuring blood glucose, just bring the cell phone close to the sensor – which is installed by the patient on the arm and see how their rates are of blood sugar.

FreeStyle Libre came to prominence in diabetes management years ago. Because this system, from the Abbott company, was improved with the development of a cell phone application, which has just landed in Brazil.

Advantages of Freestyle Librelink

Among other advantages, it issues alerts when the blood glucose is too low or too high. These limits can be defined by the patient, together with the doctor.

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Another positive point of the application is the ease of sharing your blood glucose levels with the doctor, in addition to the convenience of walking around with fewer objects in your pocket, perfect for those who always leave late and forget to get everything they need.

In addition to everything we can say that it has savings, because the application already presents the sensor and you can’t find it in public service.

According to Carlos Eduardo Barra Couri, an endocrinologist at the University of São Paulo’s Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine, the graphs displayed on the telephone screen are clear and allow for a better interpretation of the data.

The Freestyle Librelink measures glucose in people from 4 years of age, including diabetes mellitus and pregnant women.

MySurg- Diary of diabetes

In this application you will find several tools that will help you in your routine, such as: carbohydrate tracker, Hbz1c estimate, daily, weekly and monthly reports in addition to being able to share all this information with your doctor.

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MySurg- Diary of diabetes measures type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes in order to facilitate your routine.

Hydro drink water

Hydro drink water helps control glucose in the bloodstream and is intended to help with hydration for increased health benefits.

In order for the cell phone to notify you to remember to drink water, it is necessary to fill in important information such as lifestyle and climate so that the application can help you at every hour of the day on the amount of water needed.

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Now you will be able to carry out this control without taking this bite, using only your cell phone and avoiding going to health units, pharmacy and still having to wait for the result.

Just download the app, and you will be able to know the level of glucose in your body, so it will be easier to keep your exams and health up to date!

All apps are available on the App Store and Play Store