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Some people weren’t born with a gift for drawing. A great option for these people is to use apps that turn photos into drawings and help turn their photos into true masterpieces.

There isn´t shortage of apps on the platforms today that turn photos into drawings, but finding the best ones isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve prepared a special selection of the best apps. Choose your favorite app and have fun.


Clip2comic is the perfect app for anyone who wants their photos to look like cartoon images. The app offers 10 styles.

The free version comes with a watermark on each saved image but for those who bother, paying just $0.99 you can get rid of watermarks from drawings and videos.

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If you aren´t sure which effect to apply, you can use a live view cartoon camera feature.

In addition, the app provides another useful feature – it lets you delete outlines, change stroke size and adjust colors.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio in addition to having several filters and easy-to-apply effects, it also provides tools for transforming photos into artistic drawings.

The app has a wide variety when it comes to transforming a photo into a drawing, as it includes styles that range from pencil drawings to ink versions.

There’s a subscription option in the app: it removes ads and adds more tools to the already extensive list of options.

The app is available for Android

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Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an app specializing in artistic filters, inspired by the work of many well-known painters, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Rembrandt.

The app turns your selfies into images that resemble paintings by renowned artists. There are more than 40 different styles.

The result is sure to impress all your friends!

The app is available for Android.

Sketch Drawer

This photo-to-drawing app will help you make amazing art with your photos as if they were drawn by a professional artist.

Sketch Drawer is PC software that makes it easy to create color or black and white sketches. It has three different conversion styles including Realistic, Detailed Sketch and Classic.

If you have a group of photos that you want to convert into drawings, you can use Lote mode to process them all at once. Each style has its own set of presets for ease of use.


Prisma is designed to turn photos into drawings that look like they were created by famous artists. The interface is very easy to use as it is similar to Instagram.

The program offers a library of over 300 art styles. The app doesn’t allow you to save high resolution images, so you won’t be able to print a large image.

The app is available for Android and IOS

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Photo Lab

Photo Lab is one of the most versatile apps to turn photos into drawings. With over 800 effects available in your library.

In addition, it is possible to apply filters, frames and make montages, all in a very simple way, without much difficulty.

In its free version, the app already has several features that are enough for many users, but if you prefer, you can have additional tools in the Premium version

The application is available for Android.

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is your best choice if you want to transform your photos into cartoon comics look.

The app, in addition to It allows you to apply effects to the photos in your gallery, it also displays them in real time directly on your camera.

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The variety of effects is huge, and best of all, the app is 100% free.

The app is available for Android.

Now you no longer have to worry about not knowing how to draw, and you can now share your photo drawings with friends.

Choose the best app and install it now!

Apps available on the Play Store and App Store