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Nowadays it is very easy to learn to play guitar without leaving home. The platforms bring several applications that enable learning.

Some can be used as a supplement to your regular guitar lessons, and others can replace those lessons entirely.

Guitar learning apps are not created equal. Some offer great features for beginners like real-time feedback on your playing, others are better suited for more experienced guitarists, allowing you to record and listen to your playing to learn, by listening, exactly where you need to improve.

Today you will see the best apps to be able to play the guitar.

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Bravus Music

Bravus Music offers several free courses for anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument. The company offers free modules on how to play the guitar directly through the app or the official website, as the app is only available on Android devices.

For users looking to specialize even more, it is possible to sign plans according to the intensity of their studies. Bravus also have drum, piano and music theory courses.          


Yousician offers several courses in addition to the traditional guitar. However, to have full access to the application and all its features, you must subscribe to a monthly package, the first seven days are free.

During use, the app provides a series of exercises for you to learn in a didactic way the main aspects of a guitar, in addition to bringing several pieces of music.

Using your device’s microphone, the app recognizes which notes and strings you play to automatically advance through lessons.

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Yousician is available for Android and iOS.

Cifra Club

Cifra club is without a doubt one of the most famous apps when it comes to the amount of music-oriented content.

The site provides figures for the most played songs around the world, as well as video lessons on how to play.

The tool is for those who already have basic knowledge of the instrument, not providing basic support for those who want to start.

The application is available for Android and IOS.

Simply Guitar


Simply Guitar is an application that offers courses on various instruments in paid packages. Despite bringing some free classes, it is only possible to continue on the platform after subscribing to a monthly plan.

the application recognizes the notes and strings during the song to evaluate if it is correct or not and your learning

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The app is also available for Android and IOS

Coach Guitar

Another option for those who want to learn to play the guitar without leaving home is the Coach Guitar, the app follows the molds of Yousician and Simply Guitar and can also follow your learning while you play.

The platform offers free periods that can be useful during the process, but to have full access to the application you need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

The application has videos aimed at learning how to correctly make notes and also how to coordinate the beats.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

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TrueFire is a video lesson platform with a list of renowned teachers. Courses range from overviews of entire genres to deep dives into specific theoretical concepts.

Courses can be purchased individually. Obtaining an All Access subscription will give you unlimited streams of the entire TrueFire catalog, for a monthly or annual subscription.

The application is available for Android and IOS.

Do you already use or have used any of these applications? Keep in mind the level you are at with the guitar – and the level you want to reach – as you look for learning apps.

All these apps are available on the Play Store and App Store