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See now the best Apps to see your city via Satellite

Nowadays, the internet has made life a lot easier for people in traffic, with apps that show exactly where you are, making it easier to know exactly how to get somewhere.

In addition to saving time spent and increasing your security.

Applications for viewing cities via satellite become great allies at this moment, as it offers all these advantages with a simple touch on the cell phone.

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These Apps present images, making the journey experience even more interesting and facilitating this process.

Here are the most used apps by travelers to help you in your day by day.

Google Earth

Google Earth has many features, known as the most detailed terrestrial globe in the world.

The app helps from the most adventurous people to climb the highest mountains in the world, to people who just want to know what the view of their city looks like from above.

Thanks to satellite images of terrains and 3D buildings, people can discover cities around the world and explore terrifying canyons.

The program has the option to zoom in and find your home with 360° detail and perspective in Street View.

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The user can carry out research both professionally and for their own knowledge as well and in this way, improve their knowledge through navigation on various topics.

Google Earth is an app developed by Google and presents three-dimensional models of the globe.

The tool allows you to find your home just by typing the zip code, for example.

Or view the world’s most famous sights in 3D.

The app is completely free and available for Android and IOS.

Google Maps

Google Maps ranks first on platforms as the most complete application when it comes to satellite imagery. The app offers satellite images, allowing the user to see places in real time.

To get this feature, just open the application on your cell phone and select the “satellite” option, after which your device will be enabled for satellite access.

In addition to the app providing satellite imagery, it also provides important information such as the current traffic condition.

Remote Control App by Mobile


With this, it is possible to recalculate your route to avoid traffic jams, in addition to the application notifying you if an accident occurred on the way, optimizing your time.

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You can still find out more about the place you intend to reach at the end of the route or even information about public transport and bicycle routes.

For all these reasons, having an app to view the city via satellite is essential, your time is worth gold.

App available for Android and iOS


Waze is an application that helps many people by providing traffic and route information.

The tool also has features such as issuing alerts and traffic conditions.

With this, it helps the driver plot the best route to reach his destination, warning about radars, accidents and even the weather.

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The application is available for free for Android and iOS users.


Maps.Me is the perfect application for anyone looking for tourist attractions, transport stations and accommodation.

You can also find in this tool, several gas stations, restaurants, among others.

In addition to all these benefits, the application allows you to save your favorite places, share, and search without using the internet.

Perfect application to make life easier for those who like to travel.

All apps are available for Android and IOS and are completely free, you can find them on Play Store and App Store. Choose which app suits you best and download it now.