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Looking for a quick way to find out if you’re pregnant? A pregnancy test app for mobile can help you find out.

Pregnancy test application is an excellent first alternative to remove your doubts about the possibility of being pregnant.

Indeed, many women are worried and wonder if they are indeed pregnant or not.

Delayed periods can cause anxiety for women, so apps are a tool that can help them at this time.

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Since the symptoms aren’t always clear, you may want to know if you’re pregnant without having to go to the pharmacy or hospital.

And this is possible thanks to pregnancy test applications.

Online pregnancy tests are practical and simple tools that allow you to assess the probability of pregnancy, based on the evaluation of certain signs, symptoms and behaviors.

In general, these tools perform calculations from the information obtained, which allows to obtain a pregnancy percentage.

Based on the information received, it is possible to rule out the possibility of pregnancy, or to confirm the suspicion with a pharmacy test or blood test.

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When it indicates the possibility of pregnancy, you can proceed with a pharmacy test.

Or, make an appointment with a doctor for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

With so many pregnancy tests apps available online, we’ve put together a list of the best tools to answer your pregnancy questions.


First of all, we introduce the famous Femometer app.

Femometer is an intelligent menstruation tracker and ovulation calendar that understands your individual cycle, being able to accurately predict your fertile window and identify your ovulation.

This app automatically recognizes LH and HCG test results.

Furthermore, with this app you receive daily advice for conception and ovulation prediction.

Another interesting point of Femometer is that all data can be exported to PDF files for sharing with health professionals.

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This application is free and available only for Android.

Pregnancy Tracker Pro

The Pregnancy Tracker Pro app, tracks your menstrual and ovulatory periods, then combines the data to predict the probability of pregnancy.

In addition, thanks to the ovulation period tracking and menstrual period calculation features, the app also helps you calculate the right time to get pregnant.

This means that in addition to checking the possibility of getting pregnant, Pregnancy Tracker Pro helps you prepare for a future pregnancy.

However, the app is only available for Android devices, and only in English.

Pregnancy Test Quiz

To finalize, we offer you a pregnancy test app that also includes a quiz, the Pregnancy Test Quiz.

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This application has a fairly comprehensive quiz with questions based on the different symptoms of pregnancy.

Once you have downloaded and opened the application, you will find 3 different options in the main menu of the application.

On the one hand, you will find an online pregnancy test and on the other hand, 2 sections on home pregnancy tests as well as tips on pregnancy signs.

Finally, not only does the application serve as a “pregnancy calculator” and help you know if you are pregnant or not, but it also offers a section with various tips.

This application is only available for Iphone.