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Find out about the best two free pregnancy test app to help you with pregnancy or avoid it!

Improve your life quality or pregnancy journey with the right app for you.

In what ways can the app help?

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  • Get or avoid being pregnant by tracking ovulation
  • Keep track of your menstrual cycle
  • Find a community and share experiences
  • Get help from professionals
  • Learn about your body

Millions of women around the globe use apps to keep track of their pregnancy and get closer to their babies!

While others make use of the app to avoid getting pregnant by tracking their cycle.

Check out 2 apps on woman’s health:


Flo is an app created by doctors, has a partnership with UNESCO, and is used by women all around the globe!

The main feature of Flo is tracking your cycle and helping you be on top of the changes you go through when your hormones change.

With that being said, knowing when your ovulation period is coming will help you avoid pregnancy or be indeed pregnant!

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A learning chat pops out on your screen each time you open the app, whether it is to log in your period, your symptoms, or also have lessons from professionals.

The secret chat in the app is one of the reasons why so many women love the app! In it, you can anonymously discuss all sorts of topics and be part of questionnaires.

Some other features of the app are lifestyle, health reports, fitness, setting reminders of the period, ovulation, and more.

Once pregnant the app can help you be on top of your new journey by helping you calculate your due date, set a countdown, learn about newborns, and more.

Flo is a free app available on both Apple and the Play Store, with the option of acquiring a yearly subscription as well.

Download this free pregnancy test app today!

Pregnancy +

The most famous pregnancy tracker app out there, downloaded more than 40 million times!

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Pregnancy + mainly helps both you and your baby make sure you are healthy.

An Interactive app with 3D models of the baby is available weekly, in which you can compare the sizes of this new life being formed inside of you.

Furthermore, you can have daily experts advice, healthcare tips, articles on pregnancy, and learn more about being pregnant!

The app also features a baby-size guide, weight tracking, countdowns, weekly guides, timelines, and much more.

Articles of all sorts, such as breastfeeding, how moms feel, food, having twins, and much more.

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There’s a journaling feature, in which you can upload pictures of your bump and have a diary of this journey!

The right free pregnancy test for you will help you improve your life quality!

Being on top of your health will give you more in all ways, and the right app for you can definitely help.

Share with your friends the best free pregnancy test app and help them out as well.

Last but not least, remember the help of a professional cannot be substituted.