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Ever wondered what famous person you are a lookalike?

Join some friends and with a couple of clicks discover cool actors, singers, YouTubers, athletes, and well-known people that you are similar to!

More than one app to see what celebrity you look like:

Celebrity look aLike

An easy app to use!

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Celebrity look aLike is available on Apple and PLay store for free.

You can upload an unlimited amount of pictures to compare yourself!

The app will compare you with a range of more than 1000 celebrities and show you the best match.


Another app option to see what celebrity you look like is Celebs!

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With a feature to share on social media, this app will let you know who is your twin celeb!

Completely free, available on the Apple and Play Store.


Share the hashtag #lookalike on your social media profiles to be part of the trend!

Lookify will work just like the other apps, all you have to do is download it for free on the apple store and have fun!

Didn’t like the ones above? Check out 2 more app to see what celebrity you look like:


You can either take a photo on the spot or upload it from your album!

Through a scan, the Y-Star app will match you with the database of famous celebrities.

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The next thing you will see on your screen is your twin celebrity and share.

Download it for free on the Play store!

Look alike – Celebrity

With over 3 thousand celebrities you can see which one of them you most look-alike with!

Over 10 million people have tried to find out who they look like with this app.

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Download it on Apple or Play Store.

Did you find the best app to see what celebrity you look like?

Do you think they also have the same personality as you?

Now you can also be part of the twin celeb trend!

Test out the best app to see what celebrity you look like and share it with your friends!