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Can’t find the name of that plant? Check below the options of a free app to recognize plants and find out all the info you are looking for.

Whether you are a plant enthusiastic, experienced botanical, or just curious to know the name of a plant, there are a couple of apps out there to help you in this matter!

And not only that, you can find out:

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  • How to take care of the new plant you got;
  • Understand its evolution;
  • Discuss it with different communities;
  • Have the help of a professional;
  • Add observations and, more!

Long gone are the days you needed a specialist around you to find out!

3 free apps to recognize plants:


PlantNet is an easy to maneuver app!

With just the click of a photo, you can find the name of the plant you are searching for!

This free Play and Apple Sore app can recognize more than 20.000 species of plants, wildlife, cacti, weeds, and lots more.

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PlantNet is also engaged in keeping track of the plants’ life evolution.

With that being said, whenever you upload a picture, there are professionals who analyze it and add it to inventories.


600.000 species logged into the app;

You can also find out the name of the plant by the click of a picture as well.

And not only that, this Apple and Play Store app can give you gardening tips, access to the taxonomy, and complete information about plants.

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Furthermore, this free app to recognize plants gives you gardening tips, how to grow a plant, and access to teaching you how to take care of specific ones.

PlantSnap also plants a tree for each individual that downloads the app!


California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society came together and created this free app to recognize plants.

iNaturalist offers the same functions of identifying the name of diverse plants, in addition to animals.

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Used by professionals and plant enthusiasts, in it, you can add observations about your new discoveries and share them all on social media!

This plant app offers a map feature in which you can explore the plants in different areas or pin places you saw a cool animal or plant.

Nature and technology have never been that aligned!

Find the best free app to recognize plants for you and have fun while you learn or use it as a tool in your botanical job!