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Looking for options of names? Find the best app name generator for you!

Whether you are having a baby, creating a business, or finding a cool pet name, the internet can help you find names that match with what you are looking for.

There’s a range of apps and websites that will give you meanings, nationalities, popularity, and more.

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3 websites to generate names:

Name Generator

Looking for a baby name?

Name generator helps you find the best name for your baby, something that resonates with you!

They check details and information about you to generate a name. For instance, they ask you the last name, where the baby was/will be born, what is your favorite pop/rock star and more.


Find the name for your business through Nameflix!

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All you have to do is type some keywords, the more specific the better! The website will create options for you.

On this website, you can select priorities like shorter or bigger words, specific domains and find catchy names.

BNG Business

Create a catchy app name!

It not only gives you tips and examples of names, but it also checks if the Wix domain is available.

This website was created to help you find the best names for apps.

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App name generator:

Name Generator

This play store app name generator will help you create names from all ethnicities!

It is a very simple-to-use app, it creates random names accordingly to the gender and origin you chose.

Fantasy Name Generator

This play store app will help you create mystic/fantasy names!

Through some algorithms and rules, it quickly generates all sorts of names.

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You can choose from diverse categories, such as planets. plants, animals, dragons, and more!

Random Name Picker

This apple store app will help you pick a random name when you don’t know how to choose!

Teachers love it. You just have to put all the names in there and the app will randomly select the name, or number, you can choose.

Let technology help you create or find names easily, you don’t have to crack your head to find the right one anymore.