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Cutting your hair just a little or making a drastic change can be scary for some! However, technology can help now with an online haircut simulator!

A simulator allows you to try as many hair colors or cutting styles as you wish.

Finding what best fits you has never been so easy!

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Check out the best online haircut simulator for you:

Style My Hair – by Lóréal

Lóréal created a website where you can see how you will look before actually doing it!

You don’t have to be scared anymore.

Called Style my hair, the simulator can give you a makeover! There are many different hairstyles in it, effects, and a range of colors.

The website even allows you to share with your friends and your hairdresser.

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Next time the makeover will be the perfect match because you can try it beforehand!

Style Caster

Not only having the social celebrity news you love, here you can find some beauty tips on makeup, diet, and more.

This website will allow you to get inspired by celebrities’ hair and see how it would look on you.

Allowing you to change makeup, hairstyle, and accessories you can see yourself in different ways!

Buying that online jewelry will be easier now, and your new hairstyle can’t fail!

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Another online haircut simulator option to try out the new hair!

All you have to do is upload a photo and test the hair styles.

Varying from colors to cuts, you can see yourself with that long blonde or short tomboy.


Man sometimes can also doubt their new hairstyle! Retouchme offers a variety of changes, from hair to body.

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Here the website tells you step by step how to do it through their app!

You can even compare the before and after to see how it would look, they have a range of colors and hairstyles.

Phone apps

Aside from the Online Haircut Simulator, you can find some apps that will allow you to do the same from your phone.

Check out here the best app to change your hair style!