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Find the perfect change hair color app to see how you would look with that new hair color.

Getting tired of the sameness and feeling like you want to spicy it up a bit?

You can play along and even be wild, seeing what colorful colors would look like on you! See yourself with a new brunette color or that blonde of your dreams.

Check out this 4 change hair color apps:

Fabby look can be found in either play store or apple store for free.

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You can select more than 10 different hairstyles, ranging from pink to blonde, blue and more!

This app allows you to take a photo after you’ve seen yourself with the new look, and you can even video it.

Sharing with your friends via social media is also a feature offered in the app.

This hair color change app is also a free app in the apple store.

Choose a selfie and upload it, then you will be able to select different colors and check out how you would look with different hairstyles.

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All the cool trends are in this app!

Offering features of sharing on social media as well, this one is another option to try out that new look.

The famous hair brand Loreal is the creator of this one!

Style station is available on apple store and play store.

Created for regular people and professionals, in this app, you can mix up different hair colors and see the result before dying it.

This change hair color app offers more than 10 different color options!

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Free Apple Store app with some in-purchases in it.

This app not only has a vast color palette to change your hair and also share with all of your friends.

But it also offers a makeup feature, so you can see yourself with a new hair look and some makeup inspirations.

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The app has some tutorials on hairstyles, so you can learn how to make the perfect curls, braids, and some more.

Just like the other change your hair color apps stated above, in this one, you can check out a palette of colors and find out how you would look with different hairstyles.

In it, you can even adjust the intensity of the selected color.

The app is available in the apple and play stores, this is a free app that will let you know if that new hair style is for you or not.

Bonus app:

This is a different app than the other ones!

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Designed for hairstylists and cosmetology students, this app was created to take you to the next level.

Offering lively chats with professionals, videos with new technics, the app wants you to have more tools!

In addition, offers a shop of its own products, you can learn about the products and buy them all in one place.

You can also find it in the play and apple stores!

Making sure beforehand can be a great way to be certain that is what you want!

All this change your hair color apps will help you get that glow you are looking for.