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Firstly to understand what is the Medicaid Waiver Program we have to find out what is Medicaid!

And what is it?

Medicaid is the public health insurance for the American Population!

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It is essential to state that not everyone can apply, there are specific income and citizenship rules, it is a program for the low-income portion of the American population.

How do you know if you can apply or not?

Now it comes to what is the Medicaid Waiver Program, which is a provision for Medicaid!

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What is the Medicaid Waiver and who can apply?

Medicaid permits each state to waive rules for its program, with the intention of creating more opportunities and easy access to the people.

And that is indeed the Medicaid waiver, which are some waives in the law allowing each state to implement different rules.

With that being said, to know if you can qualify or not, you have to check your state laws of income in order to find out if you are eligible or not to participate!

All the states contacts are rolling down the page in this link, from Alabama to Wyoming in alphabetic order.

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There are many Medicaid Waivers and each with varied means. All the waivers are regulated through the authority on Sections 115 and 1915 of the Social Security Act.

Some extra facts the program:

  • Federal and State governments are the ones funding it, the program has evolved so much that it covers 1 in every 5 Americans, with a total of over 77 million people.
  • The majority of the population is in favor of the Medicaid Program, saying it does help American society.
  • Medicaid mainly helps the elderly and people with disabilities, contributing to better life quality.
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson is the one who signed and established the Medicare and Medicaid Programs in 1965.
  • The programs have successfully improved the health and well-being of millions of Americans, besides the economy of the country.

Here’s the official link to find out more information about the public health insurance.

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