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Are you looking for a new job? Check out 4 tips to make a perfect application for the job of your dreams!

The main goal here is to be called on an interview, and for that to happen you should keep a few things in mind:

Tip 1

The right skills for the right application on the right job:

Read attentively the job description.


Because if you are the perfect candidate for that position, all you have to do is use the right words in your application for the job.

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The right words are the words you can find in the description itself, use them in your application.

The same exact ones.

Is this going to help me?

Yes, because whenever the recruiter is scamming through all the candidates, he/she will see you have matching skills with the position.

And that is exactly what the recruiter is looking for!

Example of the job description:

Bilingual Copywriter Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Journalism, Advertising, English, or equivalent work experience
  • 2-5 Years marketing industry experience
  • Bi-lingual, native speaker is strong plus
  • Proficient knowledge of AP style
  • Strong portfolio of work

Example of your phrase:

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Experienced Bi-lingual Copywriter with 4 years of experience in the field. Graduated in Advertisement from the University of Kentucky and strong skills in AP.

Tip 2

Write a great Application Letter

What is an application letter?

Is a letter where you get a bit more personal than the CV.

In it, you have the chance to explain why you would like to be the one chosen for that job!

An Application Letter is also called a “cover letter”!

Some jobs might even require one, so make sure to have a great cover letter that makes them know why you are the perfect candidate for the position.

Check here how to write one and rock on the application for the job!

Tip 3

Update your Linkedin Porfile

Nowadays the internet is where most job hunting is happening, as we all know.

But some of us underestimate the power of having a great LinkedIn profile!

And we shouldn’t!

If not being hired in there itself, the recruiter will probably check your profile to get to know you a little better.

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In Linkedin itself, you can have some free courses on how to create an outstanding profile!

Check it out on the LinkedIn learning page!

You can even learn how to have better chances at getting an interview on your dream job there, applying for jobs on the website, and more.

The learning page offers a month of free trial.

You can even learn new communication to other skills over there!

Tip 4

Job recommendations during the application for the job process

The right job could be yours with the right push!

Sometimes we don’t know anyone in the company who could recommend us.

But that shouldn’t stop you!

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If you really want that job, a huge amount of effort can pay off, no?

Use Linkedin again, look up in the search bar some people that work in the company you want to be part of. Send them a message, tell them about your desire to work in the place and why.

Even ask them if they have any recommendations on getting the job!

People always surprise us, you may just be ignored or you can get some helpful tips and maybe even a referral.

So I guess is worth it a try!

Following these tips will increase your chances at getting that position you have always wanted!

The right effort with the right tools and correct usage of it will get you there!