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Today we are going to present to you the Free DJ Apps for your Phone

Are you a DJ, starting as a new hobby, or always the one responsible for the music at your friends’ parties? 

Free DJ apps for your phone are the way to go, besides carrying the whole thing in your pocket to make it practical, you will have from basic to pro tools.

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And don’t worry, some apps can also be a great tool to learn if you are just starting it out.

Check out these 5 free DJ apps for your phone:

Djay – DJ App & AI Mixer 

The free version can allow you to crossfade drums, isolate instruments and melodies of different songs, loop the end of a new song to the beginning of a new one, and more. 

Besides all that, it offers the pro version that opens so many new possibilities. You can integrate your playlist to the app, apply audio effects, and make your new beat as you go.

This is an award-winning user interface app! 

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Remixlive – Make Music & Beats

This is an easy free DJ app for your phone that has a cool workflow and a whole set of possibilities. 

It plays loops on synchronized tempos, organizes sounds according to your own desires of time and patterns, and also lets you upload your playlist as a sample and more. 

DJ Mag has said, “A very intuitive way to make professional-sounding tracks on portable devices.”

Edjing Pro – music remix maker

Next level needs? this is a high-quality free DJ app for your phone.

With all the tools you may need, from amazing audio effects, a complete library, and cool automatic tools that will allow you to focus on your mix.

You will feel like a professional.

This app will be an excellent company for your performances and live presentations, while it surprises you with its level. 

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WeDJ for iPhone 

Another winning free DJ app for your phone, this one got the iF Design Award in 2020, designed by the famous brand Pioneer we all know. 

It plays mixes from high-tech software and allows you to get tracks from iTunes. In this app, you will be able to create your own song while getting creative and adding sound effects. 

It offers you all the tempo and sync features as well.

DJ Control – Remix music live

A great review-free app for your phone!

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This one will allow you to use a professional studio for mixing recording songs, cue function for looping the best songs, realistic simulations of DJs decks, high-quality pads, loops, and lots of other features.

Wanna feel like a DJ? this free DJ app for your phone will allow you to do just that. 

Now playing DJ or learning it to master will be easier, you just need to find the best free DJ app for your phone and get good at it.

All the apps above are free, they offer purchases on it and some a membership option. You will only have to check the best fit for you.

Creating a new beat has never been so easy!