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Today we are going to show you the Pregnancy Test App Free

Not knowing if you are pregnant or not can be nerve-wracking!

If you are unable to blood test at the moment, there are some apps that not only will help you understand your symptoms better, but will also guide you on what to do next.

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Below there is a range of apps, from apps that help you understand pharmacy tests to check symptoms, better know your cycle and what you go through during your period.

There is even help to prevent pregnancy or enhance the chances of being pregnant by guiding you on your ovulation period.

Pregnancy Test App Free

Check these 5  Pregnancy Test App Free out:

EasyRead by First Response

Are you in doubt about the pharmacy test you just took?

This pregnancy test app will help you read the pharmacy test, telling you exactly if you are pregnant or not, all you have to do is scan the test and it will say whether you are or not.

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Pregnancy Test Checker

This app not only helps you understand the pharmacy pregnancy test!

It also offers a community in which people can share their pregnancy tests and get opinions from other users, as well as you are welcome to share what you think about others’ tests.

They offer a baby dust feature that helps encourage moms that have been trying to be pregnant for a while.


Flo is an app used by millions of women to plan pregnancy, track menstrual periods, receive information from qualified doctors, and answer your questions.

This app will give you the chance of understanding your body better, from how your hormones affect your daily life to helping you get pregnant or not by tracking your ovulation. 

It can also be a tool to track pregnancy if you are already pregnant. 

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Flo offers a secret chat, in it, you can anonymously share experiences, ask questions, chat with women from all over about sexuality, sex, period, relationships, and more.

Pregnancy Tracker Pro-pregnancy test

Are you planning on being pregnant? 

This app will help you prepare to be pregnant, it can predict your ovulation period and estimate pregnancy probability. 

Pro pregnancy test app will through science help you track your period, keep a record of your symptoms and help you care for your health in general.

HiMommy: Pregnancy & Baby App

Are you already pregnant? This app will guide you and be there throughout your pregnancy.

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A tool to understand what is happening on a daily basis, what parts of your body are changing, help you prepare for the birth, keep track of the baby’s development, and more. 

The internet opens a whole new world of possibilities and knowledge, and with that, we can make better decisions, the apps above are a great tool to guide us through.

Remember though that an app cannot substitute a doctor.

Pregnancy Test App Free

However, making use of the resources available will enhance your life quality, and even get you closer to knowing whether you are pregnant or not.