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Measuring your blood pressure doesn’t need to be attending the doctor’s office every day, especially if you are recommended to do it on a daily basis.

Today we are going to show you the App to take blood pressure on the phone.

With an app to take blood pressure on the phone.

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You can be on top of your blood pressure and do it yourself at home.

In 2015 a study from the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension made research through apps and found out that monitoring your blood pressure in your Android or iPhone was indeed helpful. 

So why not give it a try?

The first step is to take your blood pressure, It is very simple! In this link, you can find out how to, step by step.

Now that you have taken it, check out some of the available apps that can help you monitor your blood pressure:

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Blood Pressure Tracker

This play store app will help you keep track of your blood pressure daily, all you have to do is log the info.

The app will provide you the weekly, monthly, yearly results, will create graphics with your trends, and a summary. You can customize it with tags, and you can even share it with your doctor.

A great and simple way to be on top of your health. 

Blood Pressure App

On iTunes, you can find this app to take blood pressure on the phone and also stay abreast with your health. 

With easy tools in it, you will be able to see your trends, summary, and more. All you have to do as well is log the correct information every day.

Blood pressure app+ 4+

Another iTunes app is the Blood Pressure app +.

It will give you basically the same as the ones listed above and a bit more.

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You can easily maneuver, see the full analytics, the past week’s progress, and even get it all in a doughnut of information with pictures to show you what moments the blood pressure was controlled, low, or in a peak.

Blood Pressure 

Blood Pressure is a play store app, it also offers graphics, statistics, analytics, and reports if your blood pressure is either high or low.

Through monitoring with the app, you will be able to find out what influences your peaks and lows and prevent them.

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Make sure to take advantage of the many other tools you can, for instance. Fitness apps can also help you exercise and improve your life. Here are two of them:

Strava is a fitness app in which you can be in touch with other people, if exercising alone is not your thing, this app could be for you. 

Map My Run is an app for runners, it helps you track how long and fast you ran, track your route, and more.

Taking care of your health is beyond important, technology is here to help! All we have to do is use it wisely and with care. 
No app to take blood pressure on the phone can substitute the help of a professional.

Always keep your doctor posted on your health and the tools you are using it.